PUBLIQ Foundation

Projects and Initiatives

PUBLIQ Foundation hosts and supports many of the most important open source projects and initiatives impacting the open internet and distributed media on a global scale, including PUBLIQ Network itself.

Publiq Publishing Platform

PUBLIQ publishing platform

PUBLIQ Publishing Platform facilitates content and revenue distribution, bringing creators and consumers closer together. In effect, it is an open source solution that members use when building their media channels. The platform will become virtually invisible once a sufficient number of authors and publishers post their media with PUBLIQ.

Publiq Publishing Platform


SCHOLARIAN protects and rewards academic publications. As a global distributed publisher for scholars and all academic institutions, the level of views and engagement with publications ears the publishers rewards. SCHOLARIAN will be established as an independent channel on PUBLIQ distributed media.

Publiq Publishing Platform

Centres for PUBLIQ Media

To further its mission, PUBLIQ is offering continuous support in centres in key locations around the world. PUBLIQ Centres will serve as ‘think tanks’ where the local network (academia, media, business communities, representatives from governmental, international and non-governmental organisations) can meet. PUBLIQ envisages these meetings as places to share ideas, plans, experiences and knowledge, to conduct research, encourage development and build awareness of PUBLIQ’s mission, as well as other activities aimed at shaping the media of the future.

Publiq Publishing Platform


PUBLIQ Foundation offers fellowships and grants for research and development projects and studies to advance the aims of PUBLIQ Media. We hope this can help enhance the PUBLIQ community, governance, economic model, technology and other aspects of building and maintaining the PUBLIQ ecosystem. We invite academics and student groups to contact us with research ideas and initiatives. We are happy and ready to assist and support!